Rebar products 

The rolling mill of Persian Foolad Group has a production capacity of 500 thousand tons per year of all kinds of rebar of 10-32 sizes and A 1-A4 grades according to Standard No. 3132. In order to precisely control the quality and size of products, the company applies stricter measures than the predefined quality standards in the procurement of materials, including the following: Procurement of high quality and first grade raw materials exclusively from companies usingE.A.F or B.O.F production methods.No use of billets containing higher than 0.03% sulfur and phosphorus, for proper control of mechanical properties.Consistent and strict monitoring and control of the input, production and output process, even stricter than defined standards.All products are marked with the logo of Persian Foolad Group (PSG)  The current products of the company include plain and deformed rebars as follows:

Θ Rebars 10to 32 matchingA3 grade steel deformed bar

Θ Rebars 10to 12 matchingA2 grade steel deformed bar

Θ Rebars 10to 32 matching standard steel grade BS, EN, TSE for export to target countries

Θ Rebars 10to 32 matchingA1 steel grade plain bar for industrial use
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Ductility and weldability


The Persian Foolad Industrial Group produces high strength products that also have high ductility. The relative elongation of some of rib-400 products tested in the company have been at the level of A2 (rib 340). This means that, in addition to high strength, the products have the proper weldability and high resistance to fatigue and cyclic, dynamic and shocking loads. Fatigue and the more destructive cyclic loads, which cause lower steel strength failures, particularly in bridges because of alternative stress cycles, and tensile-pressure stresses that generate hysteresis loops, all significantly depend on the degree of steel ductility. this issue is more important in buildings and installations exposed to dynamic and shocking seismic stress

since the steel can break before it reaches the tensile strength and eventually cause the collapse of the

building. The Persian Foolad Industrial Group, utilizing cutting-edge technology and equipment, experienced domestic and international experts, and modern laboratory and research facilities, constantly endeavors to improve the mechanical properties of deformed rebars, including their high degree of ductility and increased strength. These achievements are due to the following reasons:




Given the effect of intersection of transverse and longitudinal ribs on stress and fatigue concentration, as proved in several tests and researches, the Persian Foolad Group has-taken a major step on this important issue by using the most modern CNC notching machines with highly accurate ribs, in which the rollers are designed in such a way that the transverse and longitudinal ribs never get close to each other, and standard-specified intervals are carefully complied with, which ultimately, cause more bonding between concrete and rebar.


Raw material


The use of suitable billets for increasing the ductility of steel (affecting the Rm/Reh ratio increase), due to having alloying elements, entails higher spending on buying billets, which ultimately, results in enhanced mechanical properties and improved microscopic structures. This is especially important in large deformed rebars. Moreover, using original and standard machinery in the rolling mill is an important factor in producing rebars with standardized tolerance and dimensions and specific mechanical properties, associated with proper microscopic structures. The Persian Foolad Group uses front-line rebar manufacturing line and advanced machinery in all rolling processes, including rolling speed, billet temperature, and deformation rate per pass, in order to maintain completely stable conditions throughout the production line. Furthermore, in order for continuous quality control and improvement of products, all tests including chemical analyses and mechanical tests are regularly conducted on the products, using advanced laboratories and research facilities at the factory site.


Tensile strength


All CLASS A3 (rib 400) rebar products manufactured in the Persian Foolad industrial group comply with the latest version of Iranian National Standard, and have a minimum tensile strength of 400 Mpa.


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