Sexism has established an oppressive place to possess discriminatory practices and you can label policing so you can achieve Nigerian society

The newest assessed women directors enjoys showcased overt bias and you will unfair medication of women as well as re also-appraised personal relationships connected to intercourse

During the Linus’s Dead, immediately following Alhaji had merely accomplished raping Halima and interrogates the girl into their mom’s failure to adequately prepare the girl getting a good wife’s duties, the guy warns this lady not to combat your once again and you may demands full distribution. Linus challenges female in order to reconsider its part in the perpetuating this ridiculous habit. Linus, Oboli and you can Vaughan-Richards subtly high light one to people, from inside the creative functions along with the materials globe, do not deal with an identical grave effects given that people when they to go personal transgressions. keep reading