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I’m a regular on a coffee shop. Not too long ago, an identical woman could have been arriving along with her partner and you will trying simply take my drinks. A straightforward reminder constantly leaves her within her put, however today. She comes to a shop with the same boy, which time, she smirks at myself and swipes my personal java, that is more pricey than what she ordered.

Barista: “Ma’am, your took one girl’s drink. Once again. We have noticed a routine to you. You usually buy inexpensive coffee and up coming bring another person’s. You to definitely finishes here and from now on. You may be throwing away other people’s money plus the shop’s money. Either simply take everything you bought or don’t come back with your partner.”

User’s Spouse: “You have been snatching other’s beverages?! Is that the way you you’ll pay for all these macchiatos? What is incorrect with you? You are so rude to help you others! I’m shocked that We married your!”

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